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Your Medicine... We Care About It

The Educational Awareness Program on Medicines and Their Uses


The health of the individual is the main pillar upon which the path of civilization and economic, scientific, and cultural growth is positively and negatively affected. This program is based on the goals of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, which stipulated enhancing the interaction between public agencies and citizens and improving the quality of health services in its preventive and curative aspects. It is out of keen interest from the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University on achieving its role to the service of society, especially with regard to the awareness and educational aspects that enhances the health of citizens in terms of awareness, prevention, and treatment, that this campaign comes under the slogan “Your Medicine... We Care About It” to educate citizens and residents on the concepts of using medicines and protect them from the negative aspects of the inproper use of herbal medicines and preparations.


About the Program

It consists of educational lectures that aims to deliver information about some types of medicines and herbal preparations that are frequently used by society and raise awareness about the proper ways of using them.


Goals of the Program
  • The program aims to educate the community about medicines in general, including the way it works inside the body, its benefits, and risks.
  • The program aims to educate the community about the optimal use of different dosage forms of drugs (e.g. tablets, capsules, drops, syringes, etc.), as well as ways to store them.
  • The program aims to educate the community about the optimal use of herbal preparations and mixtures and the harm and risks of herbal mixtures of undisclosed origin.
  • The program aims to answer community inquiries about herbal medicines and preparations and provide advice regarding their use.


How the Program Works

A selected group of faculty members and interns at the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University visits the site and provide presentations relevant to the campaign (e.g. medicine from prescription to storage, antibiotics, how to take your medicine, herbal mixtures, medicine and pregnancy, medicine and children etc.), as well as arranging mini-awareness campaigns in a simple way and answering questions and inquiries about issues related to medicines and herbal preparations.


Beneficiaries of the Program
  • Primary, intermediate, and high schools in Abha and Khamis Mushayt.
  • Governmental sectors, such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture, and municipalities.
  • Security sectors, such as the civil defense, police, traffic department, etc.
  • Prisons, social observation homes, social protection homes, and social welfare homes.
  • Charitable societies, such as the Handicapped Children Association, the Parent Association for Orphans Care, Ensan Society, and other civil society organizations.


Contact Us

To request establishing the program at your site, please contact the college Vice Dean for Development and Quality.


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