College Administration

Administration Duties

The College of Pharmacy administration facilitates administrative and financial procedures for its employees. It seeks to raise the standard and quality of productivity and implement strategic plans to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 vision. The administration tasks are summarized as follows:

  • Implement and execute university regulations and systems of administrative and financial affairs.
  • Submit the initiation reports of all faculty members when starting work.
  • Supervise the administrative work of the units affiliated to the college administration and any upcoming issues.
  • Supervise attendance and absence records and organize regular vacations for college employees, including administrators, technicians, employees, and workers.
  • Follow up and review the requests of contracting faculty members with regard to passports, residence, visas, and tickets.
  • Communicate directly with all counterpart administrations within the university regarding administrative, financial, administrative service, safety, and security aspects.
  • Supervise and review the annual order related to preparing and providing educational supplies, such as equipping classrooms and laboratories.
  • Preserve college properties and follow the covenants recorded on the college and its employees.


Affiliated Units
  • Affairs of faculty members, employees, and those in similar positions
  • Administrative communications
  • Teaching aids and classrooms
  • Technical affairs and equipment
  • Administrative and laboratory warehouse of the college


Administration Director
  Mr. Abdullah Alaskar
  Phone: 017-2417313



Administration Staff
Administration Employees
Ms. Badriah Alghanmy
Academic Services Unit
Ms. Sara Alqahtany
Academic Services Unit
Phone: 017-2412524
Mr. Soliman Alrebdy
Office of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: 017-2418468
Ms. Samira Alahmary
Staff Members and Employees Affairs
Mr. Abdulrhman Asiri
College Correspondant
Mr. Ali Ahmadi
Office of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: 017-2418702
Mr. Mohammed Alqahtani
Administrative Communications
Ms. Mona Al-Adraj
Academic Services Unit
Ms. Neama Alahmady
College Correspondent
Ms. Nawal Alahmari
Administration Director Assistant
Phone: 017-2412838
Ms. Nouf Shablan
Office of the Vice Dean for Guraiger Campus
Ph. Ahmed Bahamdan
Pharmacy Training Unit
Ph. Ahmed Bahamdan
Pharmacy Training Unit
Phone: 017-2419739
Ph. Mohammed Alqahtani
Pharmacy Training Unit
Phone: 017-2418959
Mr. Hasan Haidan
Office of the Vice Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Phone: 017-2417796
Mr. Hussein Alfaifi
Office of the Administration Director
Phone: 017-2417795
Mr. Saeed Al-Zuraib
Staff Members and Employees Affairs
Phone: 017-2418383
Mr. Ayed Alqarni
Office of the Dean
Phone: 017-2419740
Ms. Aysha Theban
Medical Lab Technician
Mr. Abdullah Alaskar
Administration Director
Phone: 017-2417313
Mr. Maqbul Al-Amri
Technical Affairs, Supplies and Warehouse
Phone: 017-2419732
Mr. Nasser Asiri
Pharmacognosy Department