Vice Deanship for Guraiger Campus

About the Vice Dean

Dr. Taghreed Majrashi completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University in 2012. In 2013, she was appointed as a teaching assistant in the Pharmacognosy Department at King Khalid University, then she was awarded a full scholarship to pursue her study in the US. She obtained her PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2020 from the University of Mississippi. During that time, she received the outstanding graduate student award in pharmacognosy. She also was involved in different community services, and she was appointed by Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission as vice-president of the Saudi Students Association at the University of Mississippi in 2018. In 2022 she was appointed as supervisor of the Pharmacognosy Department and the Medicinal Chemistry Department. In the same year, she was appointed as Vice Dean for the Guraiger Campus and supervisor of the Pharmacy Training Unit. Dr. Majrashi has several publications in the field of pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry, and she has participated in several scientific conferences. She is a member in several committees at the college and university levels.

  Dr. Taghreed A. Majrashi (Vice Dean)



Duties of the Vice Deanship

The College of Pharmacy Vice Deanship for Alsamer Campus is concerned with all female student affairs inside and outside the classrooms by providing student services that contribute to building a healthy environment and improving academic achievement. The vice deanship is keen on adhering to the university’s rules and regulations and supervising the educational process in the female section to achieve the university’s mission, vision, and goals. The vice deanship’s duties can be summarized as follows:

  • Supervising and developing services provided to the students at Alsamer campus.
  • Taking the necessary means to preserve student's rights.
  • Considering students' grievances and problems, and proposing appropriate solutions, in coordination with the relevant bodies in the college and university.
  • Chairing the disciplinary committees for students who violate the university rules and applying statutory procedures against them.
  • Proposing a plan for student activities at the college, and supervising its implementation, in coordination with the relevant authorities in the university.
  • Coordination with the college units in the related fields.
  • Supervising the works of the labs committee, the equipment, and the services in Alsamer campus.
  • Issuing internal decisions to regulate the work in the vice deanship and affiliated units according to university and college rules and regulations.
  • Presenting annual reports on the vice deanship work and achievements to the Dean.



Affiliated Units and Committees
  • Department Vice Chairs
  • Student Activities
  • Educational Services Committee
  • Assistant Administrative Director 



Office of the Vice Dean
Ms. Sara Alqahtany (Administrative Assistant)
Phone: 017-2412524