Vice Deanship for Clinical Affairs


Dr. Tahani M. Almeleebia

Assistant Professor – Clinical Pharmacy Department

About the Vice Dean

Dr. Tahani Almeleebia obtained her bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from King Saud University in 2006, and then joined the King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital and worked in quality control and various pharmaceutical fields. In 2015, she received her PharmD degree from the MCPHS University in the United States. She completed a clinical pharmacy residency and an ambulatory care specialty residency at the University of Arizona at Tucson. She also received the American board certification in both pharmacotherapy and ambulatory care.
Dr. Almeleebia started her work at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah as a clinical pharmacist in the Department of Internal Medicine in 2017, then moved to the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University in 2018 and was appointed as vice dean for female campus in 2019. Currently, Dr. Almeleebia is a member of the research ethics committee at King Khalid University, a member of the basic biomedical sciences subcommittee for the Saudi Pharmacist Licensure Examination (SPLE), and a scientific reviewer for the Saudi Licensing Examination.

Duties of the Vice Deanship

Training students during their study and throughout their training period for the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences program and the internship year (APPE) for the Doctor of Pharmacy program is one of the main pillars of the educational process. It helps prepare and equip the students for their future jobs. In order to provide pharmacy training aligned with the ambitious vision of the Kingdom (2030) and the great effort it requires to ensure the training process is running smoothly, Vice Deanship for Clinical Affairs has been established to supervise the training process in the college. In addition, the unit coordinates the accreditation of continuing pharmacy education programs to serve the profession practitioners after they graduate from college. The vice deanship’s duties can be summarized as follows:
  • Establishing partnerships and agreements with the governmental and private sectors to train students during their internship period.
  • Coordinating with hospitals and health centers inside and outside the region to train students and hold continuous meetings with them in pursuit of continuous development of training programs.
  • Distributing students over the available training centers and preparing their schedules according to the mechanism outlined in the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Manual and ensuring that the training process is proceeding properly through continuous communication with training supervisors from the college.
  • Supervising the virtual pharmacy laboratory and coordinating with training centers to train students during their Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) courses to prepare them for their APPEs in the internship year.
  • Coordinating the clinical and training tasks for staff members in cooperation with hospitals in the region.
  • Issuing internship certificates for those who passed all their rotations.
  • Organizing lectures, seminars, courses, and workshops regarding pharmacy education and professional development.
  • Coordinating accreditation of scientific and training programs.
  • Providing students with opportunities to develop connections with potential employers.

Affiliated Units and Committees

  • Pharmacy Training Unit 
  • Alumni Association 
  • Training Committee

Office of the Vice Dean

Dr. Tahani Almeleebia (Vice Dean)
 Ph. Ahmed Bahamdan
Ms. Sara Alqahtany (Administrative Assistant)