Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs


Dr. Yahya S. Alhamhoom

Assistant Professor – Pharmaceutics Department

About the Vice Dean

Dr. Yahya Alhamhoom received his bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University with an excellent category with honor. Then, he obtained his PhD degree in the field of Pharmaceutics from the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Georgia in the United States. His dissertation focused on studying the impact of tumor microenvironment in different organs on the cancer response to gene therapy and cytotoxic drugs treatment. Dr. Alhamhoom has been awarded the LaRocca Award Finalist – Excellence in Research during his PhD program in recognition of his achievements in the research field.
Dr. Alhamhoom published research and review articles in peer reviewed international journals as well as a specialized book chapter in the field of Pharmaceutics. In addition, he was awarded several research support grants including an international collaboration grant (1.8 million Saudi Riyals) under the International Collaboration Initiatives from the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia. His research interests focus on the pharmaceutical nanotechnology, biopharmaceutics, and therapeutic proteins discovery using animal models for cancer diseases and metabolic disorders.

Duties of the Vice Deanship

Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs plays a major role in supervising and implementing college and university policies that governed the study and examination as well as plays an informative and educational role for faculty members and students who have recently joined the college regarding these regulations and policies. In addition, it provides a supporting atmosphere to achieve academic excellence and overcoming the challenges facing both faculty members and students. Vice deanship tasks and duties are summarized as follow:
  • Supervising affiliated committees and units and reporting to the relevant authorities periodically.
  • Submitting periodic reports to the Dean regarding work progress and challenges and difficulties facing all affiliated units.
  • Proposing plans to improve the academic curricula and college policies.
  • Receiving academic needs from different departments and coordinating between different units inside the college.
  • Following up the teaching load of all faculty members and report that to the Dean.
  • Receiving student academic requests and financial supports applications and refer them to the relevant authorities inside the college or university.
  • Following up the execution of students’ academic requests such as postponement, course or semester withdrawal, and attendance provisions exemption for denied students according to the university regulations and the decisions issued by the College Board.
  • Investigating suspected student violations incidents during the examinations period and submitting reports to the Higher Committee for Student Violations.

Affiliated Units and Committees

  • Academic Services Unit (Guraiger campus)
  • Examination Committee
  • Academic Counseling Unit (Guraiger campus)
  • E-learning Unit
  • Student Excuse Review Committee (Guraiger campus)

Office of the Vice Dean

Dr. Yahya Alhamhoom (Vice Dean)
Mr. Ali Ahmadi (Administrative Assistant)