Assistant Dean

Dr. Dalia A. Almaghaslah

Assistant Professor – Clinical Pharmacy Department

Assistant Dean’s Message

We welcome you to the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University.
Academic staff and employees at the College of Pharmacy strive to create an esteemed educational environment, as well as prepare qualified pharmacists who are ready to work in various fields of pharmacy and community service. From this standpoint, we have worked hard over the past few years to achieve the goals of the college’s strategic plan (2016-2021) that aligns with the vision and mission of King Khalid University as well as the Kingdom vision 2030.
One of the most important achievements that we have accomplished according to the college’s strategic plan is to update the Doctor of Pharmacy program according to the local and international standards to assure meeting the quality standards of education and the requirements of the labor market. The updated program emphasizes on pharmacy practice in hospitals, community pharmacies, and other fields. Students will be prepared through simulation education in the virtual pharmacy and active learning methods, in addition to e-learning and pharmacy laboratories that makes studying pharmacy more enjoyable and beneficial.
We welcome future pharmacists at the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University.

About the Assistant Dean

Dr. Dalia Almaghaslah obtained her bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the College of Pharmacy at King Saud University in 2009, and she travelled to the United Kingdom in the same year. After that, she obtained a master's degree in Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy from the University of London and was appointed as a lecturer at King Khalid University in her last year of PhD program, which she obtained in 2016 from the University College London in the specialty of pharmacy practice. Dr. Dalia started working at the College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University in 2016, and she was appointed as Assistant Dean of the College of Pharmacy in 2018.
Dr. Dalia is a member in a few of the college committees. She published research in several areas including clinical pharmacy, pharmacy education, and pharmacy workforce.  

Office of the Assistant Dean

Dr. Dalia Almaghaslah (Assistant Dean)
Ms. Nouf Shablan (Assistant Dean’s Secretary)