"We Are with You" initiative

The College of Pharmacy at King Khalid University represented by the Guidance and Counseling Unit is pleased to announce the launch of the "We Are with You" initiative, that aims to help students in the College of Pharmacy by providing them psychological, social, and academic counseling. To request a consultation, please fill out the following form:


Student Research (2nd Semester, 2020)

The College of Pharmacy hereby extends its gratitude and congratulations to all the research groups from Guraiger and Alsamer for passing their research course (2nd semester, 1441H). Seventy-three students (36 female & 37 male) were registered in the research course and were distributed among 17 research projects from all the five departments of the college.
Our research students were guided by 20 distinguished faculty members and with their well-dedicated and meticulous mentorship, the students had the opportunity to:
  • Develop research skills and scientific abilities.
  • Think creatively and solve problems.
  • Learn research ethics and values.
  • Acquire knowledge and develop scientific writing skills.
Our sincere appreciation to the students for their hard work and to the mentors for their guidance and efforts throughout the semester. Wish you all good luck in your academic endeavors ahead.
- Research Committee